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Willis Aaron Hodges
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Willis Aaron Hodges was the father of most of the Hodges families that settled in South Georgia and north Florida and beyond.

Willis Aaron Hodges was born August 1, 1812 In Tattnall Co, GA and died August 31, 1886 in Moniac, Charlton Co, GA. He married twice and had a total of 17 children. He was the son of william Henry and Ann Blitch Hodges.
His first wife was Mahalia Johns who was born February 17, 1827 in Camden Co, GA and died sometime in 1880 in Charlton Co, GA.
Their children were:
Annie Hodges
George Washington Hodges
William J. Hodges
Elishu Elihu Hodges
Willis Alexander Hodges
John Charlton "Doc" Hodges
James B. Hodges
lenora Senova Hodges
Andrew Jackson Hodges
Daniel R. Hodges
Nathaniel Hodges
Emily Hodges
John Joshua Hodges
Mary Elizabeth Hodges
Martha Hodges
He also married Basheba Heath around 1883 in Charlton Co, GA. She was born January 10, 1845 in Ware Co, GA and died November 3, 1931 in St. George, Charlton Co, GA.
They had two children:
Joel Lee Hodges
Grover Cleveland Hodges
In the next several pages, I will introduce you to the family that makes up the Hodges and also the descendants that live in GA and FL today.

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